Palm Coast Imports partners with merchants to maximize profitability through custom private label programs.

A private label program is a great option for merchants to select the specific products they are interested in to hit a targeted price point and maximize margins.

Our team is invested in the success of our partners. We take the time required to understand your specific business objectives so that you can focus on your customers. Whether it’s ceiling fans, lighting fixtures or cabinet hardware — we’re here to help you succeed.

Our company is fully capable of very large, specific requests. We’ve strategically partnered with HKC and are positioned to offer a personalized program to accommodate all of your manufacturing and distribution needs.

We go above and beyond.

If your needs require marketing materials, market research or advanced segment analysis, we can help. We have a talented sales and marketing team who understand gap analysis and competitor shops. We can help you determine what’s available and help research the growth and trends.

Interested in learning more? Look no further in your search for a private labeling company.