Located in Southern China, HKC is one of the premier ceiling fan factories in the world. 

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Manufacturing Benefits

Why Choose Us?

Vertically Integrated

We are vertically integrated encompassing all major manufacturing processes such as plating, painting, glass production, blade manufacturing and motor manufacturing.

We Can Help You Grow

The factory currently produces ceiling fans for the U.S. market as well as Canada, Mexico and several European countries. Whatever your need, let HKC help to grow your market.

Award Winning

PCI has been honored to receive the highest achievement awards from our customers including:

o Vendor of the Year (twice)
o Innovative Supplier of the Year (twice)
o Supplier of the Year
o Strategic Supplier of the Year
o Import Supplier of the Year

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Additional Solutions

We Go Above
And Beyond

If your needs require marketing materials, market research or advanced segment analysis, we can help. We have a talented sales and marketing team who understand gap analysis and competitor shops. We can help you determine what’s available and help research the growth and trends.

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